Lithium 2024: A global quarterly perspective

Vamos Argentina

Speaking to on the sidelines of this year’s Brisbane Mining and Investors Conference, Anthon says it will be Argentina that will emerge as the top lithium jurisdiction.  Which is precisely where one can find the company’s flagship San Jorge Project, sitting in the world renowned ‘Lithium Triangle’. 

The Lithium Triangle is unique because of the existence of the large-scale and large salt lake brine deposits, and that’s essentially where you find the lithium. So there’s nowhere else in the world outside of Argentina and Chile that has a particular geology for sure,” he says. 

The Executive Director adds it is here where other notable ASX-listed explorers and developers have set up shop, delineating up to a cumulative total of 45 million tonnes of lithium. 

“Lake [Resources] (ASX:LKE) [has] got 4 million tonnes of resources, LPI’s (Lithium Power International) (ASX:LPI) has got 2 million tonnes, Galan [Lithium] (ASX:GLN) ahs got 6 to 8 million tonnes of resources, Arcadium [Lithium] (ASX:LTM) has got a couple of projects which between them have between 25 million tonnes in resources, and Lithium America (TSX:LAC) has about 6 million tonnes of resources.”  

As such, Greenwing believes it is set up ‘within the world’s most prolific lithium mining jurisdiction’.

“As far as the argument is about corporate governance and country risk, Argentina’s got some issues which we’re all well aware of. Is it any riskier than Brazil? I don’t think so.” says Anthon. 

Anthon’s sentiments are shared by S&P Global, which forecast in August 2023 that Argentina was cast as the promising supplier to leapfrog Chile in the short-term due to its pipeline of lithium projects. Of the 10 hard rock projects set to come online, Africa and Australia host the lion’s share while 5 of 6 brine projects reside in Argentina.

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